March 5, 2011

North Bay Farmers’ Market Logo

This is one of my most recent pieces. It’s for a design contest my class is doing, where the winner’s logo will be chosen to be the North Bay Farmer’s Market’s logo for all of time.

Objective: Create a logo that appeals to young people, but still emphasizes all the things the Farmers’ Market stands for, (ex: community, produce, meat, baking, crafts).

Specs: The logo should be transferrable to B&W or a new version should be created to allow it to look appealing in terms of values when changed to B&W. It will be used on every type of media possible almost: website, business cards, t-shirts, possibly billboards or transit buses, etc. It needs to be high enough design quality to put in public view (haha).

How it happened: The use of earthy colours conveyed the “natural, homegrown” feel of the market. The carrot, wheat, and meat imagery nailed the specific imagery the client wanted used. The main font is a professional, yet handwritten style script that gives that “crafty, homemade feel”, and the secondary font is a serif that mimics the typewriter style in a classy, clean way.

The circle symbolizes community, and how all the different aspects of the market are tied together as on. It’s fun, modern, clean, and nails all the specific imagery asked for.

Results: The logos haven’t been reviewed by the client group yet, but it got the best review of the class during critique 🙂


February 1, 2011

“An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all” – Oscar Wilde

I’m currently working on a project for class that involved designing/digitally illustrating something to be adhered to the doors in our graphic design department. I chose to illustrate hot air balloons for my “dangerous idea” and add an Oscar Wilde quote for the idea. For colors I’m choosing light but impacting color schemes and the font I’m using is a really pretty and playful script.

In the end it will be much more stylized and detailed, as it’s going to be something like 100″ long, but here you go, a beginning stages update!

January 24, 2011

Welcome to my design blog!

I guess this is my very first post. I will be writing about my recent work here as well as commenting on life events, recommending resources, and posting/linking interesting design articles that I find. Thanks for checking out my blog!